Saturday, September 2, 2017

element e4st4316h 43" 4K TV Review

The Element e4st4316h 43" 4K is good only if you want 4K cheap and that is it it is advertised as 120hrz but it is technically 60hrz with each frame showed repeated at 120hrz this causes an immense amount of lag.

As you can see it adds a full 5 Frames of lag on non HDMI sources. I have yet to test the HDMI inputs them selves they seem to be better than any of the analogue Inputs but no real hard numbers yet.

An odd issue I have been having is that orange and reds are muted greatly and seem darker than they should be but the color options cant be changed there is supposedly a firmware update that fixes this issue but i cant find it on the website and i have been waiting for element to email the firmware to me some kind of security issue is the reason why they didn't put it online for simple download. If I ever get the firmware there will be an update on this issue.
I do enjoy having a lot of inputs on my displays but can we stop putting them at near impossible to access areas on them the HDMI ports at 4 make the cord bend 90 degrees at the head if you don't have some good 180 degree adapters and may damage the cables the VGA has the same problem it is way to tight for the cable to go straight in with out an adapter of some sort or bending the cable greatly though the side inputs are done really well.

The lowest input the Component input can take is 480i 240p is accepted but is interpreted as 480i it can handle 720p and 1080i fine but if you run a 240p signal through a strait HDMI converter/AV System it will refuse to show 480i is the lowest the HDMI ports will accept on them audio will be heard though.

This TV is also Advertised as a Smart TV and it barely works in that department the apps built in are the only apps you can get Netflix and youtube are the only one to really note
but you get Vudu, Pandora, TG, and Accuweather. Netflix works fine but after about maybe 3 hours the app will crash I have yet to find out why this happens but it seems to do it consistently around 2.5-3 hours of watching. Youtube app works good as well but it suffers the same crashing issue but otherwise the TV uses your own Network for phones to control the youtube app at least 3 phone can connect and queue up videos for it with no issues otherwise despite it not advertising it the TV can connect wirelessly to the network as well and is stable when it does so but it isn't 5Ghz compatible.

Though i may be fairly Harsh on this TV it still delivers the 4K sharpness advertised and gives a good movie night for Blueray players or HD content via Netflix. It can use a USB pendrive to play audio files video files and show photos but i have very little use for it eve less so than the built in Youtube and Netflix but the USB has a some what easier access with have two ports one by the HDMI port and another on the right hand side next to the built in buttons.

But in general the TV is beautiful the bezel is nice and small with a single clear LED on the front indicating the power state with a simplistic low stand that allow a small cable box to peek out of or HDMI switchers to be placed under the stand is about a foot deep may be the only issue that it has so you need a relatively large shelving to place it on if you aren't going to hang it on the wall.It is just the right size for a medium to large size entertainment center and add functionality for those that don't have roku/apple TV or some other kind of streaming capable device definitely get this guy if it is $300 or less i got this guy for $200 during black friday 2016 and has been working well since then.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

FlashForge Dreamer Review

The amount of 3D printers out there are all different and use different methods in order to make the 3D model on the computer into a usable object that you can hold and not necessarily in plastic now some print pancakes or other editable food.

This printer does not print food but it does do plastic very well and while it may take some time using the UI that comes with the printer but this is just as good as the Makerbot printers but a bit cheaper. FlashForge has made an amazing printer here and offers everything that other printers of this type a heated bed, a good place to place your spools of plastic, dual extruders all of that with some missing polish it works exactly as is but essentially its setup and put your plastic in to start right out of the box.

While the accuracy could be better it is just as good as Makerbot's resolution at 100 microns and a build area that measures at 230x150x140mm is just shy of the size of The Makerbot 2X build area of 246x152x155mm despite that the printer runs extremely well and fulfills most of the items i needed to print.

I would recommend getting a glass bed for prints just for quick and easy Bed cleaning I Recommend this for all 3D printers like this but you will need to make a shim to offset the size of the glass so you wont break your extruders during prints Thingiverse has them for all sorts of glass sizes and for all types of Printers.

The process of printing is fine but it is very LOUD and you will need to put this guy on a very stable table or the movement of the head will shake the machine on flimsy table and messing up a print if you have that you can here the printer on the floor below it I have to reiterate this guy is LOUD.Even though the door does dampen the sound greatly once shut it still is rather load. Below there are some videos of it printing in ABS a 3D N64 logo.

I have Had this printer for about 2 Years now and i will say it has been a blast to use importing models i have made in 123D to the Printing software it is a rather simple process once you are done making the model export it to the .stl file type and drag it into the printing software Flashprint the program is bare bones very little options but it works you will most likely need to update the Firmware on your printer unfortunately it will need a wired connection to do so though once that is done you can set the printer up to connect to your wireless network easily from its touch screen. I would recommend getting a better printing program just for better options Flashprint is a bit too bare bones and has some issues such as a character limit on the file you are trying to print and sending bad files over from time to time.

The printer comes with 2 spools of plastic ABS and PLA at 1.75mm  thickness of random colors a USB cable and a 4GB SD card which is another way of getting your projects over to it unfortunately it cant update its firmware like that it had also shipped with an off brand exacto knife and a nice carrying case.

Over the few years I have had this I have made many things and designed a good amount to they are free to download and are free to be modified at any moment on thingiverse there are more examples of what was made there to see it will be linked below.

I give the FlashForge Dreamer a Good out of 10 could be better but for the Cost you get a very good machine as of right now it retails at about 1100$USD which is easily half price of Makerbot's 2X at 2400$USD the prices tend to jump around but stay the same roughly. If you don't mind the more DIY stuff the FlashForge Creator is cheaper at 900$USD and even Cheaper is to buy the not built kits they need to built and programmed from the ground up but you essentially have full control of how big you want it to be whether or not you need 2 extruders or a heated bed there are cheaper options for the printers and of coarse you could go for the other type of printers they are far more accurate and at times faster and use Lasers though that is another topic entirely unrelated to the Dreamer.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hundred Swords-PC return review

This game I had completely forgotten about until recently while going through one of my dead computers hard drives back when CD's were the main way to play PC games and DVD's were just starting to take over this 1.1GB install was spread onto two disks the Obligatory Install disk and the Game disk(nothing more than another install disk with a anti piracy measure.)Never have I been thrown on a nostalgia trip this strong though playing it again I noticed this game is incredibly dated.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 Pokemon marathon Jun 20-27

It's that time again for TheSpeedGamers Pokemon Marathon be sure to tune in at 7pm eastern time, 6pm central time, 5pm mountain time, 4pm pacific time, and Midnight GMT. The Donations go to St.Jude children's research hospital. More details on the marathon here You can watch the marathon here with the chat

Friday, May 2, 2014

Just recovered from a Router infection.

I just recovered from quite the odd virus infection one that cases popups on all web browsers no matter what website visited Infected web browsers included Safari, Opera, Firefox, google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and even the Steam client Steam browser. One of the notable pop ups is the appimat fake adobe update site. A temporary fix for this infection is Adblocker Plus as it blocks most popups and the like anyway.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

End of Windows XP support Worries.

Windows XP support has Ended 4/8/14 is it worth to keep using the OS?Is it safe to use? Really this is fairly simple to answer

Offline is Perfectly safe obvious right? Yes as long as the internet can't connect to your computer hackers viruses can't get in unless you install an unsafe program from a USB drive or CD.

Online for the most part is still safe don't trust fishy programs protect your computers using Antivirus , firewalls, Antispyware, Update your programs like flash, java, adobe reader, and your browsers (for god sakes dump Internet Explorer XP only supports IE up to Version 9 thats already far out of date not mention IE  of the worst and unsafe browsers out there.) An earlier article going into more detail on how to prevent infections can be found Here.

Personal study of the "State of mind of the gaming community"

A simple poll wanting to know what everyone's favorite type of game.