Friday, May 2, 2014

Just recovered from a Router infection.

I just recovered from quite the odd virus infection one that cases popups on all web browsers no matter what website visited Infected web browsers included Safari, Opera, Firefox, google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and even the Steam client Steam browser. One of the notable pop ups is the appimat fake adobe update site. A temporary fix for this infection is Adblocker Plus as it blocks most popups and the like anyway.

I had run all these different scanning programs such as malwarebytes, AVG, Avast!, ADW cleaner, Hitman pro, spybot search&destroy, TDSS Killer, Rouge Killer, Rkill renamed as Iexplore, even in safe mode it is still active so after that I decided to Reformat my entire C: drive in order to get rid of it after setting everything back up imagine my surprise I was still infected.

After all of that happened I had got this crazy Idea that it wasn't my computer that was infected but rather something else so I logged in to my router to see if there was a problem with its setting and low behold there was a recent firmware update available for it at that point I was really grasping for straws thinking that my router really was infected such things are rare normally so after the firmware update and the essential reboot of the router low and behold the pop ups were gone.

This was a real nightmare of a problem to fix. For those getting pop ups in their Steam Browser Please Check Your Router For Updates Before You Reformat Your Computer! My router is a Netgear WNDR3700 the infection was on Firmware V1.0.0.36 the working firmware is at

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