Tuesday, April 8, 2014

End of Windows XP support Worries.

Windows XP support has Ended 4/8/14 is it worth to keep using the OS?Is it safe to use? Really this is fairly simple to answer

Offline is Perfectly safe obvious right? Yes as long as the internet can't connect to your computer hackers viruses can't get in unless you install an unsafe program from a USB drive or CD.

Online for the most part is still safe don't trust fishy programs protect your computers using Antivirus , firewalls, Antispyware, Update your programs like flash, java, adobe reader, and your browsers (for god sakes dump Internet Explorer XP only supports IE up to Version 9 thats already far out of date not mention IE  of the worst and unsafe browsers out there.) An earlier article going into more detail on how to prevent infections can be found Here.

For the most part if you know how to keep your computer safe from the regular dangers of the internet Window XP while is safe there will most likely have security risks using it in the future don't keep personal files/information don't register/login on sites a lot because when the hackers learn how to get through XP last updates then it will become unsafe to keep personal information on there. NOTE* When that happens you will know it will be a somewhat big story due to how many people still use XP. I believe about 31% of all computers on the internet still use XP at the time of writing this article.

Safest cheapest thing to do is to Upgrade the computer running Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8 it will cost you about $100-$200 for the install disk and license fairly easy to do that. Just remember to backup all your files and information before you update they will be lost during the update the second is to make sure your computer can support the minimum requirements for 7 or 8 here is the official information for that.
For windows 7
For Windows 8

Or you could just buy a new computer all together makes it easier for you and you are most likely to get a stronger computer anyways.

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