Monday, August 4, 2014

Hundred Swords-PC return review

This game I had completely forgotten about until recently while going through one of my dead computers hard drives back when CD's were the main way to play PC games and DVD's were just starting to take over this 1.1GB install was spread onto two disks the Obligatory Install disk and the Game disk(nothing more than another install disk with a anti piracy measure.)Never have I been thrown on a nostalgia trip this strong though playing it again I noticed this game is incredibly dated.

I really think that game deserves a try at the very most the gameplay feels odd to say the least it mixes strategy with live action the controls are simple point and click thinking about it the game is very simple.
The mode that I played the most while I was young was practice mode today it feels just as fun to steam roll your opponents by building up your army to ridiculous levels.
Hours and Hours of just this mode I really don't know how I could do this as a kid.
But it sure is satisfying to crush these CPU's so badly by just swarming them like this or just sending one guy through all their territory and get them to attack each other and finishing off who ever is left.

 Going through all the modes I found an unexpected mode "Network Mode" allowing local multiplayer and Online matches It really looks polished for being a 2001 Online compatible game.

It has so many different maps it mind boggling at how many there are and the options given are numerous and in detail from a simple time limit to choosing how many CO can be on the field to alliances to another player how someone wins by destruction  of their HQ or death of their king unit. I actually feel overwhelmed by these options.

Though as to be expected there is no one Online whether the servers just don't exist or no one cares for this game that much the fact that you can't have matches with someone online anymore saddens me.

 Another mode that is standard for this kind of game Mission Mode(challenge maps) yeah not much here that you don't really expect.

Unfortunately I do not remember the story mode too much though just from the opening cinematic is that this story will get real dark later on but for the most of it feels light hearted(NOTE I can be so very wrong about this.) The cutscenes are presented with dialog boxes and still images of those talking on a backdrop of the ingame engine or on background artwork.

Now one of the biggest problems with this game High quality options maxed out only display at 640x480 and fullscreen can't be turned off without breaking the game NO "-windowed" does not work it really breaks the game I am someone that hates fullscreen so this really irks me though you can Alt+tab out of it fine.
(NOTE This game seems to hate Win8 for me or basic video cards. Win7 with a nvidia card works fine no compatibility problems yet.)

All in all this game holds up to my standards (My low low standards.) I give it a "Try it". I am not entirely sure whether or not this is considered abandonware yet but there are some copies on amazon or if you have it fully installed there are some programs that can remove the CD check from the game floating around google. (there is another way to get it but... ya know what it is.)

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