Saturday, January 4, 2014

How to play Unity web games offline

Now most people know that Unity engine is starting to grow in popularity some have wanted to keep those web games and play them offline so they find the .unity3d file that is used with the web player and download it to play later and 'shock' and 'horror' they can't use it.

To download the .unity3d file in Firefox go to the page where the game is located right click choose Page Info a small window will open in that window go to the media tab at the top and in the box that appears below just scroll down till you see the .unity3d file It usually is embedded or object Type.

Google chrome does not allow for downloading files directly off of webpages the only way to do so is to look for in the HTML code and hope you are downloading the right thing.

There is two ways to play those games offline one way is to use a browser that supports the Unity web player and install the plugin then simply drag the unity3d file into a new tab/window of the browser.

The second way is to use a dedicated program to open the files as of now Unity has yet to release one of these so third parties have created some the one that works for me is a program called Uniplayer. very simple to use just drag game file or open it also supports fullscreen ect. You do still need to have the webplayer plugin installed on your computer for this to work if the browser you went to the site could play the game you don't have to worry if it can't just go here


  1. any other method to download unity games .it is not downloadable through firefox media tab. please reply

    1. Make sure your browser supports unity in the first place older firefox versions don't in my experience versions 16 and up do.

      Another method is to use view page source and hunt for the file manually this option can be done both in firefox and chrome just is very hard to find the file in there (Hit CTRL and F to open a quick search And try searching for unity3d or unity) it is going to be a clickable link open it and right click save as.

      If you still can't download it then I don't know whats wrong websites might have found a way to hide it. Double check on other Unity games on a site different than the one giving you trouble and try downloading them there.

      I hope this helps you.

    2. you can use idm ( ) to download .unity3D games.........and you dont need any web browser to play....just download UniPlayer.exe play u3d for it (uniplayer) bcaz dont forget that google is ur frnd