Friday, November 23, 2012

The wii u (cont.)

After a few days and a couple updates the wii u seems to have fixed a majority of its bugs i haven't seen it freeze up for some time now and the games run incredibly smooth i actually think it runs better than my ps3(250gb slim model) now the internet connected apps are still buggy but are far more stable now I'm guessing the launch day killed their servers at nintendo.

On a side note the wii u still cuts off the sides on my TV but only using the preloaded nintendo apps games don't have that problem nor the wii menu or games on that.

Other than that the wii u is actually a very solid system. now i just have to make a rig for my two sensor bars and Velcro won't work I'm thinking of making a clamp like rig out of legos or k'nex.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Wii U

it blows internet won't connect no matter what i do wifi or lan menu hangups left and right software hangups the bugs oh god all of the bugs you can tell ea had a hand in making this not to mention the screen resolution is all kinds of messed up its nuts talk about a bad launch love the pad though it feels really light and natural in my hands.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

DC universe first impressions

uhhh well it is okay its not bad but it is very buggy and the lag can be unbearable at times overall the combat is quite enjoyable still don't know everything about it ut i'm having alot of fun with it.

DC online first time boot

i have finally decided to try out dc universe online i have yet to play it has been updating for nearly 3 hours and i have to say it is boring still want to get the wii u seems that i am getting anxious for it and i wished i wouldn't get like this because normally i crash and burn when i eventually get happened with the wii so yeah dc universe..... just hurry up already.... 4 hours 75% (is now playing Lock quest on the ds)still loading i should publish this post before i lose it.
there will be an update when it is finally done updating.

Update: 5 hours that is too long 98% ...100% and it goes right to another load screen.....a sonic 06 long load screen its finally starting pve i guess What did they do to superman!time travel? plot? looks promising. character creation....

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sick and bored

Bored out of my mind. I'm sick too bleh. Don't feel like doing anything today uggh getting the wii U is going to stink. Thinking of getting it after the midnight launch got it preordered so I'm not worried.