Monday, April 29, 2013

Wii U 3.0 update

   In a few words much better. The speed that the menus load now are drastically faster and the fact you can go right to the the Wii menu by holding down the B button as it boots  up is a welcome addition.

   The screen issue has finally been fixed and thank god it has I mean that should have been a day one option in the first place.

   Also I found that some of the bugs present in the last update have been fixed but some new ones have appeared most from trying to load from one program to another it loads up but it displays a blank white screen it can be easily fixed if you exit the application then reload it from the Wii U menu.

   Not to mention the download improvement now we can queue multiple downloads change order and install them from there so much better. Software updates for games themselves don't seem to have changed unfortunately.

   A minor update to most people would be the support of two USB devices instead of one but that to me that is a great improvement now I won't have to worry about unplugging my USB hard drive if I want to transfer something to my Wii U internal storage or even unplug my hard drive if i need to transfer something to it.

   Overall it was an update most needed and only a few problems here and there it still makes the Wii U a far better system to use since the last update.