Tuesday, April 8, 2014

End of Windows XP support Worries.

Windows XP support has Ended 4/8/14 is it worth to keep using the OS?Is it safe to use? Really this is fairly simple to answer

Offline is Perfectly safe obvious right? Yes as long as the internet can't connect to your computer hackers viruses can't get in unless you install an unsafe program from a USB drive or CD.

Online for the most part is still safe don't trust fishy programs protect your computers using Antivirus , firewalls, Antispyware, Update your programs like flash, java, adobe reader, and your browsers (for god sakes dump Internet Explorer XP only supports IE up to Version 9 thats already far out of date not mention IE  of the worst and unsafe browsers out there.) An earlier article going into more detail on how to prevent infections can be found Here.

Personal study of the "State of mind of the gaming community"

A simple poll wanting to know what everyone's favorite type of game.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Unchecky a very good protection from unwanted Toolbars

Unchecky a program that unchecks/defaults the boxes and ticks that install toolbars with other program installers as well as warn you if the installation uses the accept or decline boxes.

To install the program simply download it from their site http://unchecky.com/ install the program and done in less than a minute.

Video of installation and a demonstration of Unchecky after the break.