Tuesday, December 31, 2013

OBS Plugins That I Like That are a work in progress.

 Now that you got OBS running the way you want it to it is perfect as it is then you go and see that some users have nice looking ability chat overlays ease of access information while setting up and you go "I wish those were in OBS." or you have knowledge of programing and wish to make OBS better.

First of all these can all be found on OBS Forum.

For plugins that are complete.

-Server Ping Plugin
For All those streamers who want to know which server is best for them at that moment.

-CLR Host Plugin
Simply Allows you to code plugins for OBS using any CLR based language C#, C++/cli, Visual Basic, etc.

-CLR Browser Plugin
Allows you to capture anything that can be displayed using a browser like Firefox or Chrome.

-Browser source Plugin
Similar to the last plugin it acts like a browser and capture it directly.

-3DS capture Plugin
Quite self explanatory right?

There are other but as of now it is either to early to tell if I'll like them, they don't quite work yet or I don't have interest in yet.

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