Thursday, May 9, 2013

Windows Movie Maker Comparisons

Well from the start 6.0 shares the 2.6 look and there are many similarities.

The basic usability of the UI is still there from 2.6 still very simple can still separate video and audio put other audio over the original the basics still the same way to import files to the project.

The effects and transitions are the same nothing different here either.

So you must be wondering "what is different from 2.6 or other releases?". Well they have a new preview window and there is.....ummm....well you can put you need codecs for can save movies for....emails. 

I got nothing windows didn't add anything new or useful beyond fixing some problems and even then you need codecs to import other file formats something 2.6 lacks the ability to do. Beyond that the two are exactly the same. I would use 6.0 with the codecs only for the ease of use nothing more.

Though Windows Live Movie Maker is better than 2.6 and 6.0 in that it natively supports more formats but its UI is a mess.

The only reason i would choose Live is the compatibility with file formats and the slight bit more effects than 2.6 and 6.0 have. Other than that I hope you like the storyboard style of editing and the "amazing" ribbon UI.

As for alternatives well almost any other video editor is better than these just use any of the Windows Movie Maker products to start learning the basics of video editing.