Monday, June 17, 2013

OBS 720p-1080p streaming setup guide

Make sure your computer can handle HD streaming (CPU I5 or higher) and you have fast Internet before putting any effort into this guide.

Once done installing OBS start the program up and hit the settings button.

Once in the settings menu you shall see several tabs to the side one of which is encoding there is going to be listed Video Encoding and Audio Encoding. In video encoding type in the Max Bitrate (kb/s): box any where from 2750-4000(if the stream is stuttering lower the Bitrate) and under Audio Encoding AAC at 128 or higher. (lower if any audio problems arise)

Broadcast Settings
Next is the broadcast settings Make sure the Mode is live stream.then choose the streaming service and enter your account details and choose the closest server to you.Make sure auto-reconnect is Checked and the timeout is 10 and delay is at least 3. You can check Minimize network impact if you are having Internet troubles while running OBS. and if you want to record the stream just check the save to file and choose where to save it.


Under video you can stream the resolution of your computer by checking monitor or what we want custom resolution For 720p 1280 in the first box and 720 in the second so 1280x720 for 1080p you want 1920x1080 once that is done go down to FPS and put in 30(60 FPS you  need a very strong computer for this)

Audio is where you put in your microphone device and your audio capture device for games fairly simple you can skip this step if you are just playing games on PC or just streaming from web cam.